Lareina Song backs out from “The King’s Avatar” to focus on Novoland

There has been an unfortunate casting change on The King’s Avatar 全职高手, which had initially secured Yang Yang and Lareina Song Zuer as the leads. The show has issued a statement to explain that while Lareina Song was participating in the creative process for The King’s Avatar, her other drama Novoland: Eagle Flag was already in the process of filming. As she wanted to do justice to the roles, she has willingly backed out from The King’s Avatar to focus on Novoland. 

Furthermore, it looks as though the decision was made amicably. it is revealed that the filming crew for both shows are all from Linmon Pictures and that everyone came to an agreement after communicating with each other. It’s too bad as this would have been a cute pairing to root for, but now that Yang Yang needs another leading lady, may we suggest Zheng Shuang? Considering the plot and Yang Yang playing a gamer again, it would be too perfect!
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