Jing Tian and Scott Eastwood promote “Pacific Rim: Uprising”

Pacific Rim 2 Presscon Jing Tian
The Fate of the Furious actor Scott Eastwood, the beautiful Jing Tian and Director Steven S. Deknight attended the press conference for Pacific Rim 2 held on March 12 in Beijing. I saw Pacific Rim and it was awesome, heavily influenced by the mecha genre that is popular in Japanese anime and manga. The first movie introduced Asian actors like Rinko Kikuchi and the Luu brothers

Pacific Rim 2 Presscon Jing Tian
Pacific Rim 2 Presscon Jing Tian
For the sequel, we have the incredibly talented Jing Tian who already has two Hollywood movies under her belt with The Great Wall and Kong: Skull IslandThe movie will premiere worldwide on March 23, 2018. From the looks of it, she is going to be… a villain! I thought she was the leading lady, though it makes sense that she’d be in charge of promoting in her home country. 

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