Hu Yi Tian is Dt in “Go Go Squid”

Hu Yi Tian is Dt in “Go Go Squid”
Go Go Squid Dt Hu Yi Tian
There was a time when Hu Yi Tian (A Love So Beautiful) and Janice Wu (Fighter of the Destiny) were rumored to be the leads of Go Go Squid! 蜜汁燉魷魚!, which is the drama adaptation of Stewed Squid with Honey by Mo Bao Fei Bao 墨宝非宝. 
Li Xian (Sword Dynasty) and Yang Zi (The Destiny of White Snake) eventually confirmed as the leads though it looks like Hu Yi Tian’s connections to the drama does not end there. He is listed to make a special appearance as Dt. Being the clueless non-novel reader, I don’t know what that means. Is Dt not a major character? Because I did some digging and he seems to belong to a different novel. He is described as the youngest world champion and the god’s left hand.
In addition to Hu Yi Tian, Taiwanese actor Lee Hong-Chi has been confirmed to play Xiao Mi of Team Solo while Li Ze Feng plays Solo, aka the team captain himself.

Go Go Squid Xiao Mi
Go Go Squid Solo
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