Gao Yunxiang studio releases statement following his arrest in Sydney

Gavin Gao Studio statement on arrest in Sydney
The news that started abroad has turned into a full-blown scandal for Chinese actor Gavin Gao Yunxiang who was recently arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at Shangri-la Hotel in Sydney. 
He just completed filming for his new drama Ah Na Ya Romance 阿那亚恋情 in Australia where he also stars opposite his wife Dong Xuan (Secret of the Three Kingdoms). 
On March 29, his studio issued a statement to address the situation. The studio confirms that while Gao Yunxiang was working in Australia, he was indeed accused by one of their partners. However, the many rumors on the internet are untrue. Currently, the Australian police has launched their investigation. The studio asks that everybody refrain from speculations and to wait for the results of the investigation. 
Gavin Gao Studio statement on arrest in Sydney
The actor was expected to reach new heights in his career as he played leading man to A-list actress Fan Bing Bing in the highly-anticipated historical drama Win the World
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