First Impressions: The Flame’s Daughter

First Impressions The Flame
Synopsis (contains spoilers):
In the ancient times, Anhe Palace was in a position of placing the country into jeopardy. The owner of the palace, An Yeluo (Lai Yi) was in love with his senior An Yeming but An Yeming married a wandering warrior named Zhan Feitian. In order to take revenge on Zhan Feitian, An Yeluo switched his daughter with the son of Lie Mingjing, the master of Liehuo Pavilion.

First Impressions The Flame
Lie Mingjing named the girl Lie Ruge and Zhan Feitian named the boy Zhan Feng. After Zhan Feitian’s death, Lie Mingjing took custody of Zhan Feng. Lie Ruge (Dilireba) grew up with her seniors, Zhan Feng (Zhang Bin Bin) and Yu Zihan (Liu Rui Lin). Lie Ruge and Zhan Feng fell in love but An Yeluo, seeing Liehuo Pavilion growing in strength and power, tricked Zhan Feng into believing that Lie Mingjing killed his father Zhan Feitian. This resulted in Zhan Feng breaking up with Lie Ruge, who eventually became acquainted with Yin Xue (Vic Chou), somebody who grew to protect her.
First Impressions The Flame
Zhan Feng eventually killed Lie Mingjing but shifted the blame to Pili Sect. Eventually, through the housekeeper at Liehuo Pavilion, Zhan Feng learned the truth and decided to get revenge on An Yeluo. Together with Lie Ruge, Yu Zihan, and Yin Xue, they were able to defeat An Yeluo and restore peace to the nation.
First Impressions: I say that my feelings about this drama from the first three episodes are mixed. Mostly because Ru Ge isn’t all that likeable, and on some level doesn’t seem all that rounded or intriguing. Well, mostly because she can be foolish in her decisions.. I get the idea why she chose to find out a reason why, but even at the end she is clinging onto a guy who from what I see doesn’t even like her. And is actively showing his dislike.
First Impressions The Flame
First Impressions The Flame
He may be a douchebag and all, but seriously, the deal is to just accept that he doesn’t love and don’t put yourself into a situation where you’re crying tears. Because really, you can break away. She just needs to convince her father which is by all means really understandable.
They might be engaged or anything, but the moment the guy starts to be like the brooding jerk that he is, get him out of your life, gal. I mean it.

First Impressions The Flame
But sadly, no one else thinks she should be doing this. And no one else thinks that perhaps finding someone else will be a better option than trying to chase away the other girl and having Ru Ge win him back. If the guy is like this, he isn’t even worth your time. Find a better man, if you ask me.
Like I don’t know, Yu Zihan who on so many levels cares for her. And is actually one of the people that I like, although he hasn’t really given me any reason to fall in love with him or find him entertaining.

First Impressions The Flame

She could also run away again except this time do something else. Like find her life, and answers.

But seriously, that doesn’t seem to be a good idea in Cdrama, so we have her clinging onto him like some needy girlfriend when my impression of her is that she is more than capable of taking care of herself.
Well, if that decision is cheered on by her family, and most of the people around her. Then I’m not surprised.
First Impressions The Flame
As for Yin Xue, who is really not pretty. I will say that he is handsome, but pretty, it’s just making me burst out laughing. His character is still more intriguing although the introduction scene is the most clunky I have ever seen. But his personality and character is something which catches my eye for now.
Such as the way he declared that he will be choosing Ru Ge, and well, naturally the girl was shocked. Although he does do it for another inherent reason, or perhaps reasons, as I don’t think he is a straightforward character with predictable motivations. And the acting shows his eccentric and rather feminine style (although his looks beg to differ).
And well, he’s the one thing that’s keeping me watching this drama.
As well as these two.

First Impressions The Flame
First Impressions The Flame
For all her weird hairstyle, which I actually find quite intriguing. And his character, which isn’t beyond going through underhanded means to get what he wants, and her brash personality, and the fact that she was willing to buy Yin Xue at a high price and her strange obsession with him. Well, I like it when she said the one thing that is fair in this world, “Men can buy women with money so why can’t women spend money to buy men.”
First Impressions The Flame
First Impressions The Flame
But their interactions are actually the most interesting thing to watch as they get themselves somewhere, and act on their own accord.
And these three are the most refreshing characters that I have ever seen.  And the ones which catch my eye.
So overall, I actually like the side characters way more. Which is normal to me, as that has happened to me many times before. The main characters really lacked something with me, with the exception of Yin Xue. Who managed to become a character I will continue the show for.
So, whether I’ll continue: probably, until it no longer keeps my attention.

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