Dilireba gets her own wax figure as Lie Ruge from “The Flame’s Daughter”

The Flame
It’s a good day to be Dilraba Dilmurat as she shoots up in the daily celebrity rankings on the day that The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 premiered. She jumps from sixth the previous day to beat out Yang Mi for first. She will also be getting her own Madame Tussauds wax figure as the titular heroine Lie Ruge. I really wonder how the decision was made as it was obviously set early on regardless of ratings. The idea doesn’t seem half bad to me because she looks ravishing in the red costume. 

The Flame
Dilireba Madame Tussaud
The show has been quick to announce surpassing 100 million views within the first 18 hours. It’s not really groundbreaking and seems more like a rite of passage for decent performing web dramas. The Legend of Dugu had similar day 1 numbers while The Monster Killer 2 which premiered last year crossed the mark within the first 30 minutes of its release. 
Vlinkage web drama rankings for March 1st indicate that The Flame’s Daughter ranks in third, placing after The Legend of Dugu and Country Love 10
The Flame
The Flame
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