Dilireba meets Ruge at Madame Tussauds Wuhan

Dilireba Wax
On March 25, Dilireba attended the unveiling of her very first wax figure at Madame Tussauds Wuhan. The actress gave her doppelganger the nickname Ge Ge as a term of endearment for her character Lie Ruge.
Dilireba is the first to get a nod from Madame Tussauds among her peers at Jaywalk Studio. She also got her own Dilireba Studio this month even if in name only as she’s still under the management of the same company. She has arguably moved out of supporting roles to stay firmly in leading role territory, that it’s no wonder she’s being labelled as Yang Mi’s successor. It looks like despite the fame, she’s still a fangirl at heart when she linked arms with Leonardo Di Caprio to snap a photo (at least I think that’s supposed to be him).  

Dilireba Wax Leonardo Di Caprio
Dilireba Wax Figure
Dilireba Wax Figure
Dilireba Wax Figure
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