Dark Yang Mi appears in the “Legend of Fuyao” trailer

Legend of Fuyao Trailer First Look
From the moment it was announced, I was excited to watch Legend of Fuyao 扶摇皇后 for reasons that are probably the same as everybody else – Yang MiThe show has dropped a trailer and oh my goodness, is it possible to feel even more hyped? 

Yang Mi channels a level of badassery that is completely different from her previous role as Bai Qian in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and that one scene with the black blindfold feels especially symbolic. 
Yang Mi is Queen Fuyao (probably not at the beginning) and the journey to get there seems fraught with intense screaming, bloodshed and pain that leaves her crazed to the point of… killing the main guy?  
Legend of Fuyao Trailer First Look
I feel obliged to speak about Ethan Ruan too because he may not be the reason that I will be watching this, but hey, he might pull a Mark Chao with a career-changing performance.   
Legend of Fuyao Trailer First Look
I know that there have been too many ‘what could have beens’ that promised masterpieces and fell flat, but I’m really convinced that this is going to be a hit. Yang Mi certainly seems to be acting her socks off. There is no air date yet, and so we wait.  
Legend of Fuyao Trailer First Look
Legend of Fuyao Trailer First Look


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