“Colourful Bone” Stars Tong Mengshi and Wang Herun reunite in “Wonderful Time”

Wonderful Time Thomas Tong Meng Shi cast
Thomas Tong Mengshi (Proud of Love) and Rain Wang Herun (The Story of Minglan) have been announced as the leads for the modern drama Wonderful Time 一念时光. They reunite after a successful collaboration in the costume drama Colourful BoneI thought they were really sweet there and appreciated how they managed to carry an entire 53-episode drama despite being quite green. 

Colourful Bone leads reunite for Wonderful Time
Colourful Bone leads reunite for modern drama
Although there has been no mention of the source novel, they will play Gong Ou and Shi Xiao Nian which are the main characters from the novel Domineering Boss Is Above, I Am Below 总裁在上我在下. I’m expecting a different dynamic altogether from when the two played master and slave in Colourful Bone
This time, Tong Mengshi is the CEO who forces the down and out comic artist into living under one roof with him?!? He insists that she is the girl in an old picture that may lead him to finding his missing brother. Filming is expected to begin soon in Suzhou. 
Wonderful Time Wang He Run
Wonderful Time conceptual poster
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