Ariel Lin Returns to Historical Drama in “I Will Never Let You Go” Opposite Vin Zhang

Legend of Hua Buqi Zhang Bin Bin Ariel Lin
An official announcement has yet to be made, but it seems that Ariel Lin and Vin Zhang Bin Bin are pairing up for the historical drama titled I Will Never Let You Go 小女花不弃. I can tell you now that it doesn’t even matter what legend this story tells because I’d be down to watch any period piece with these two as the leads. A quick mashup from their latest costume dramas – Vin Zhang’s currently airing The Flame’s Daughter and Ariel Lin’s Prince of Lan Ling from five years ago, already teases a spectacular collaboration, and I am ecstatic to say the least. 

Legend of Hua Buqi begins filming
Legend of Hua Buqi begins filming
It was only a few months ago when Vin Zhang posted a picture with Ariel Lin captioned, “Goddess, how are you? @ArielLin” I think it’s no question that the visuals are skyhigh in this one, and I appreciate that both are acknowledged for being capable actors too. With Ariel Lin turning 36 this year and Vin Zhang recently-turned 25, the two sport an age gap of 11 years though it’s practically impossible to tell. They have that cute couple vibe to me. Ariel Lin has attended the opening ceremony on Feb 28, so all eyes turn towards whoever will turn up as her leading man.
Legend of Hua Buqi begins filming
Legend of Hua Buqi begins filming Ariel Lin
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