18-year-old Wu Lei and other same-age stars get ready for college

Leo Wu Lei Nirvana in Fire
All the child actors from yonder days are now around the ages of 17, 18, 19 and preparing for the next chapter of their lives – college. If you’re an aspiring actor, that would mean aiming for schools like The Central Academy Of Drama and Beijing Film Academy, and if you’re already a working actor, then there are suddenly that much more pairs of eyes concerned about your college applications. 
Wu Lei has a long list of dramas and movies on his resume that he’s practically a veteran by years of a experience and a national favorite especially after his breakout role in Nirvana in Fire. He’s 18 now, legally an adult in parts of the world and applying for the 2018 college intake along with a few familiar faces from the entertainment industry. 

Leo Wu Lei applies for college
Leo Wu Lei applies for college
Leo Wu Lei, born December 26, 1999 (18 years old). He’s applying to Beijing Film Academy and brought a sword for his audition. 
Li Lan Di applies for college
Li Lan Di applies for college
Li Lan Di, born September 2, 1999 (18 years old). She’s no stranger to playing a student after her breakout role in My Huckleberry Friends. She was also the younger counterpart for Yang Zishan in the upcoming Never Gone opposite Hu Xian Xu who played the younger Elvis Han. She is applying to both the big schools and even ran into Hu Xian Xu at Beijing Film Academy. 
Hu Xian Xu college
Hu Xian Xu Old Boy
Hu Xian Xu, born August 17, 2000 (17 years old). He’s another actor who has played students and younger counterparts to adult actors. He was the young Crown Prince in Nirvana in Fire 2 and most recently played the teenage son of Liu Ye in Old Boy. He’s applying to both big schools as well. 
Jackson Yi Boyhood
Jackson Yi college
Jackson Yi, born November 28, 2000 (17 years old). He debuted as part of the TFBoys when he was just twelve. He’s applying to The Central Academy Of Drama. Fellow member Karry Wang is a student at Beijing Film Academy. 
Lareina Song Boyhood
Lareina Song Zuer College
Lareina Song Zuer, born May 23, 1998 (19 years old). She started acting at a very young age and is currently applying to Beijing Filming Academy. She was most recently seen in the sports youth drama Boyhood headlined by the TFBoys. 
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