“Go Go Squid!” Confirms Yang Zi and Li Xian for the Live-Action Novel Adaptation

Go Go Squid! Cast Yang Zi
Go Go Squid 蜜汁燉魷魚! is a new drama that pairs Yang Zi (Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost) with Li Xian (Tientsin Mystic). It was announced on Valentine’s Day when all the candylicious pink and honey concept is perfect for the occasion. The story seems equally sweet as it tells a story of a girl with a huge crush on a guy and chases after him until she melts his icy facade. She’s an internet personality with tons of fans online whilst being a genius in computer programming. Of course, he’s also a genius too. It’s a really simple setup that seems to be full of fluff though I don’t mind if means cuteness overload from this new couple pairing. 

Go Go Squid! Cast Li Xian
Go Go Squid! Conceptual Poster
Go Go Squid! Conceptual Poster
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