Panda Impressions #24: Your Highness and New Step Into The Past

Here are this week’s finds and impressions on the drama. 

Your Highness

Your Highness First Impressions

I didn’t know what I was getting into as I started watching this drama. The premise of the story is the Hero plays an RPG game and suddenly gets stuck in the game. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t really touch on the topic of what happens when a person dies because for the most part, the other characters are NPCs (as lovable as they are), as well as, having no background to what the real world is like and why the main characters are stuck in the game. However, this is not a setback as this allows the story to solely focus on what’s happening in the game realm and the characters. 

Your Highness First Impressions
Overall, I think what this drama does best is creating lovable characters with depth, as evil characters are not solely evil and good characters are not solely good. I would say this drama is for people who are looking for comedy, as it relies heavily on it and just overall fun. The end hints at a season 2, so I hope it might touch on what is happening in the real world along with what happens when characters die, as I’ve grown very attached to them. – Contributed by Noahbyte.

A Legend Of A Modern Man Gets Back To Qin Dynasty

I guess it is possible for the remake to fall so far from the original. With a new cast and some changes, New Step Into The Past begins in space. Chen Xiang’s character Xiang Shaolong pulls a last minute switch to take Nicky Wu’s place in sacrificing his life for everyone’s survival. The scene is reminiscent to what Bruce Willis did for Ben Affleck in Armageddon but with none of the feels since we know the hero will be fine. Besides, the tacky space costumes do nothing to help the story. Xiang Shaolong’s suicide expedition accidentally takes him back in time thus beginning a new adventure though I personally would rather stick to the old one starring Louis Koo. I started watching this before the whole cheating scandal surrounding Chen Xiang broke out, so there’s even less of a reason to watch now. 

New Step into the Past First Impressions

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