Four big movies coming out this Lunar New Year 2018

Lunar New Year 2018 Chinese movies must watch
Lunar New Year is a busy time for Chinese moviegoers who take advantage of the long holiday to visit the theaters in droves, spouting box office hits like Stephen Chow’s trademark fantasy comedy films. He may have passed on the race this year, but competition continues to be intense and dominated by the usual fantasy and Monkey King sequels. Which one will you watch?

Monkey King 3: Kingdom of Women Lunar New Year Movie 2018
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Romance
Starring: Aaron Kwok, Feng Shao Feng,  Zhao Li Ying, Xiao Shen Yang, Chung Him Law
Synopsis: A story about a master and his disciples and their unexpected journey into the Kingdom of Women.

Monster Hunt 2 New Year Movie 2018
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy
Starring: Tony Leung, Bai Bai He, Jing Boran
Synopsis: The sequel follows a wacky, hearty and fun-filled story as Song Tian Yin and Huo Xiao Lan embark on a search for Hu Ba.

Detective Chinatown 2 New Year Movie 2018
Genre: Comedy, Mystery
Starring: Wang Bao Qiang, Liu Hao Ran, Xiao Yang
Synopsis: The uncle and nephew detective duo are at it again as they risk their lives for another investigation in New York.

Operation Red Sea New Year Movie 2018
Genre: Action, Military
Starring: Zhang Ze, Huang Jing Yu, Hai Qing, Du Jiang
Synopsis: A story revolving around an 8-people team that form the ‘Dragon Attack Squad’ in the Chinese Navy as they strive to protect the nation’s interest.

The Big Rescue Lunar New Year Movie 2018
Bonus: Since it’s the Year of the Dog and all, there’s this movie about dogs. It stars Cheng Yi who played Lin Jingyu in Legend of Chusen

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