Dilraba Dilmurat will not return as a member of “Keep Running”

Dilraba Dilmurat will not return as a member of “Keep Running”
Dilraba Dilmurat leaves Keep Running
Ever since last season of the Chinese variety show Keep Running ended, there has been endless speculation on whether Dilraba Dilmurat who was meant to be Angelababy’s temporary replacement while she went on maternity leave would continue with the show. They certainly were able to make it work when the original members and Dilraba filmed episodes together upon Angelababy’s return, yet news for the next season was just announced today and it has been confirmed that Dilraba will not be returning due to schedule conflicts. 

Dilraba Dilmurat leaves Keep Running
Dilraba filmed a short video to express her thoughts and continued support for the show. I haven’t watched enough episodes to become a fan, but I found her to be quite a bubbly addition and enjoyed the faux love line with Luhan, which probably wouldn’t work anymore now that Luhan’s off the market. I don’t mind the news if it means seeing her in dramas instead. After all, she’s got Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book with Vengo Gao coming up. 
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