Character introductions: The Unknown: Legend of Exorcist Zhong Kui

 Wen Tian Lu Young Zhong Kui
The four main characters in the upcoming drama The Unknown: Legend of Exorcist Zhong Kui aka Wen Tian Lu: Young Hero Zhong Kui 问天录:少年钟馗 give a little more insight into the story and as it turns out, our demon-catching brotherhood of three is comprised of two guys and a lady. Meanwhile, our actual leading lady has three separate identities.

 Wen Tian Lu Young Zhong Kui Xing Zhaolin
Xing Zhaolin as Zhong Yun Fei. He is the exemplary righteous hero who uses his skills for good. As a man of few words, he can seem aloof and distant though he’s really a softie who also happens to have a sense of humor. He willingly treads on a difficult path as he resolves to overcome his own weaknesses. Armed with his demon vanquishing sword, he receives the heaven’s mandate to hunt demons.
 Wen Tian Lu Young Zhong Kui Jian Ren Zi
Jian Ren Zi as a woman with three identities. She is Nian Er, a beautiful girl from a lowly family. She is Bing Die, a butterfly demon that has committed many evildoings. She is also the gentle and elegant Bai Ning Yu. Having gone through the cycle of reincarnation, she becomes three women with very disparate personalities, yet her fate is endlessly tied to Zhong Yun Fei, and she struggles at the crossroads of good and evil.
 Wen Tian Lu Young Zhong Kui Character Poster
Xuan Lu as Liu Han Yan, a famous personality in the demon hunting community. She is steadfast, educated and adept in various life skills. As part of the brotherhood, she is the face of the group and handles official dealings with others. Despite being the youngest, her two older brothers Zhong Yun Fei and Fu Qu respect her as their equal. She is Zhong Yun Fei’s strategist but also his biggest critic and she doesn’t give a second thought when it comes to chiding her brothers.  
 Wen Tian Lu Young Zhong Kui Character Poster
Xu Wen Hao as Wang Fu Qu, a warm-blooded young man with a fiery temper. He knows how to keep his head down when the situation calls for it and doesn’t hesitate when it’s time to strike. He’s like an open book because his feelings are written on his face and he often says things without thinking them through. He likes pretty women, but never crosses the line. Being able to like his crush in secret is one of his biggest pleasures. 
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