An open letter reveals that Dilireba signed a 15-yr contract with Jiaxing

An open letter reveals that Dilireba signed a 15-yr contract with Jiaxing
Dilraba Dilmurat 15-year-contract Jaywalk Studio
Anyone who follows k-pop may have heard about the slave contracts that new artists tend to sign before they have a chance at becoming idols. As it turns out, similar practices may be prevalent even in other countries as an open letter from fans addressed to Jiaxing, also known as Jaywalk Studio, expresses concern for Dilraba Dilmurat
While the letter acknowledges that Jaywalk Studio has been instrumental to Dilraba’s success, it also alleges that Dilraba has essentially signed her youth away through a 15-year-contract all while having no freedom to make her own choices because at the end of the day, she is not a stockholder nor a partner, but an employee. There hasn’t been any confirmation to know whether any of the details mentioned are true, but 15 years does sound awfully long. Dilraba joined Jaywalk Studio before she graduated from college and has since become one of the company’s biggest stars next to Yang Mi. To end, fans hope that Jaywalk Studio can take good care of Dilraba as an artist and to think about her career.

Dilraba Dilmurat 15-year-contract Jaywalk Studio
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