Upcoming Dramas and Movies Feb 2018

Negotiator Les Interpretes 2 Stills
Negotiator (Feb 4 Hunan TV)
The sequel to Les Interpretes takes the story to the world of negotiators as the two leads clash at the negotiation table before falling into a romance. Starring Yang Mi and Huang Zitao.
Go Go Waikiki (Feb 5 JTBC)
A story revolving around three grown man who run the Waikiki guest house and the crazy antics that they run into after a baby and a single mother walk into their lives. Starring Kim Jung-hyun, Lee Yi-kyung and Son Seung-won. 

Wallace Chung The Flower Road to Bid Farewel moveeel
Memories of Love (Feb 7 Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV)
A story about disparate lovers who parted ways ten years ago and then finds a second chance at love. Starring Wallace Chung, Maggie Jiang and Aaron Yan.
Beauties in the Closet starring Vic Zhou and Hu Bing Qing MOVEEEE
A story about two fox spirits on a mission to infiltrate the palace for the sake of their tribe and the ensuing romance with the King. Starring Vic Chou, Hu Bing Qing and Chen Yao.
The Lost Swordship (Feb 8 iQiYi)
A story revolving around a martial artist who loses a duel against Tian Zheng Sect. Despite the major hurdles in his path, he becomes a member of the righteous clan and a true hero. Starring Ren Yan Kai and Wu You.
I Cannot Hug You Season 2
I Cannot Hug You 2 (Feb 9 Sohu) 
The story continues when it comes to the romance between a modern-day vampire and the germaphobe who moves in next door. Will the truth lead them apart? Starring Zhang Yuxi and Xing Zhaolin.
The Legend of Dugu (Feb 21 Tencent)
A story revolving around the youngest daughter of the Dugu family’s rise to power and her journey to becoming the queen. Starring Hu Bing Qing and Zhang Danfeng. 
New Smiling, Proud Wanderer (Feb 26 Youku)
A story of a student from the righteous sect who ventures into the martial arts world and befriends people, both good and bad, in his journey to become a powerful swordsman. Starring Ding Guansen. 
Queen of Mystery 2 (Feb 28 KBS)
Housewife and detective team up once more to solve mystery cases. Starring Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Kang Hee. 
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