Tribes and Empires: Helan Tieduo

Tribes and Empires Character review Helan Tieduo

Helan Tieduo is Han Provinces’ most competent female warrior. She’s also a beauty. Her character is relatively unexplored, although we do follow and check up on her from time to time. On a personal note, with not comprehensively knowing the character, it has me in the depths of despair. 

Meeting her as an adult, her behavior would be diabolical. She persuades her brother to kill Shuofeng Heye’s new wife. It becomes an awful and sickening event (probably the worst in the drama). There isn’t a droplet of remorse, but she has a spring in her step believing Heye will get over it and her chance will come…

Tribes and Empires Character review Helan Tieduo

Fast forward… after a series of events, Tieduo understands Heye will never reciprocate her feelings. Her devotion to him is not all smoke and mirrors though, it’s the real deal. I was blindsided by her warmth during a conversation with Heye, she explains the reason for knowledge about the lands is a result of searching for him all these years. A soft and sweet side often peeks out around Heye, underneath that toughness, she’s still a woman.
Tribes and Empires Character review Helan Tieduo
Her epiphany becomes a turning point. Relying solely on herself she obtains the impossible: a ship and the rings of the three tribes that opted out of the alliance, which actually makes her the head honcho. Tieduo’s motivation for all this is to achieve her two goals in life. The first is to be with Heye. The second it so makes sure he fulfills the prophecy of becoming the Iron Wielder. Once the first goal is shattered, all her efforts go into the latter.
I was taken back by her pizzazz and can only describe her as becoming Novoland’s version of Wonder Woman. All these hidden and amazing qualities surface: she is highly intelligent, fearless and a strategizing mastermind. It is epic to see her in action and her outrageously good combat skills.
Tribes and Empires Character review Helan Tieduo

All in all, Tieduo is full of surprises and one of few characters that become more interesting towards the end. We may never get to know her, but she steadily and slowly became one of my favorite characters. Were I a resident of Novoland, I’d be signing up to be her apprentice.

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