Tangren celebrates 20th anniversary and lists upcoming dramas in 2018

 Tangren celebrates 20th Anniversary
Tangren turned 20 this month. It may have its fair share of comers and leavers, but it still has quite a big family as shown in the company picture posted on weibo. If you look really closely, you would be able to spot Elvis Han and Director Lam Yuk Fan who recently worked together in the upcoming drama Never Gone. It’s a known fact that Hu Ge remains to be the top artist in Tangren, and it’s hilarious that regardless of whether he’s on hiatus or not, someone took the effort to photoshop him in. Hu Ge doesn’t have any projects coming up but there are a number of Tangren produced dramas waiting for an air date this 2018. Which one are you looking forward to the most?

Never Gone Tangren upcoming drama 2018
Never Gone starring Elvis Han and Yang Zi Shan.
Fantasy Westward Journey Tangren upcoming drama 2018


Fantasy Westward Journey starring Chen Yao
20 Once Again Tangren upcoming drama 2018


20 Once Again starring Elvis Han and Hu Bing Qing.
Secret of the Three Kingdoms  Tangren upcoming drama 2018


Secret of the Three Kingdoms starring Ma Tianyu and Elvis Han.
Beauties in the Closet Tangren upcoming drama 2018
Beauties in the Closet Tangren upcoming drama 2018


Beauties in the Closet starring Vic Chou, Hu Bing Qing and Chen Yao


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