Panda Impressions #23: Fight My Way & The Chronicles of Town Called Jian

Here are this week’s drama finds. 

Fight My Way

Fight for My Way First Impressions

Fight for My Way was one of those dramas that just hit me right in the heart. I loved it starting with the premise of a friend-to-lovers story and also a coming-of-age story of people in their late 20’s early 30’s refocusing on their dreams. I absolutely LOVED the first 4 episodes with the passion of a thousand suns. I think I could ignite something on fire with my love those first episodes. The music was on point, the cinematography was magical, the story line sank me right into it, and the acting was superb. 

I really loved how the drama centered on a group of 4 friends whose dreams didn’t turn out the way they planned when they were young and showed the struggles they faced as they decided to still fight for those dreams. The show started losing its way a little after the 10th episode, but I had already fallen hard for it (I blame you live shooting system). – Contributed by V (

The Chronicles of Town Called Jian

First Impressions The Chronicles of Town Called Jian

I don’t think even Yang Yang can save this drama for me, but it is sure is nice to see him. For a mystery drama, It’s neither dark nor suspenseful and the production quality feels below average probably because it’s an older drama (it was filmed late 2013 till early 2014). It’s a pity because I really like most of the main cast but just not in this one. 

First Impressions The Chronicles of Town Called Jian

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