Panda Impressions #22: A Korean Odyssey & My Dear Boy

Happy Friday! This week’s entry is a K-drama and a TW-drama. I’m missing my regular C-drama fix though. What are you watching? 

A Korean Odyssey

First Impressions A Korean Odyssey Hwayugi

Given all the hype, I feel bad seeing how things have turned out for A Korean Odyssey what with their post-production issues and subsequent accidents on the set. After watching two episodes, I honestly think that I like it more than I should in that it’s not the typical Hong Sisters writing that is often so instantly addictive but it still has that appeal that’s entertaining and definitely unique. It probably helps if you’re a fan of the fantasy genre, Lee Seung Gi or Cha Seung Won (yep, that’s me). 

My Dear Boy

First Impressions My Dear Boy

My Dear Boy may have a simple premise, but it seems to have the right hooks to make it an endearing watch. At ages 41 and 25, Ruby Lin and Derek Chang are perfect for their roles as a jaded career woman and an earnest college student experiencing what may be his first real heartbreak. They end up as each other’s dates for the night after being asked by the waiter to share a table, and you already know that it’s going to be the start to one helluva story. Sure, I think that she will probably eat him alive, but then that’ll be fun to watch too. 

First Impressions My Dear Boy

Volunteers Wanted: Just a shout out that we are on the lookout for volunteers to keep this section alive. Panda Impressions was initially meant to be a place to share first impressions or talk dramas, but there are too many undiscovered dramas that need some love. 

If you would like to share your thoughts on a particular drama (old or new, c-drama or k-drama), please send it to us via the ‘contact us’ form (rightmost link on the menu bar) and we’ll use it in the next post if we can. Just a paragraph or two usually works, no word count required. Thank you!   

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