Jiro Wang confirms that he’s dating Lena Fujii, it’s not a joke this time

Jiro Wang posted a photo with Japanese model, singer and actress Lena Fujii on weibo captioned, “Today… finally not April Fool’s Day,” and the warm regards come pouring in to congratulate the actor and the new lady in his life. The 36-year-old actor whose dating history has long been a mystery has been known to announce his dating status on April Fool’s Day as a joke. Interestingly enough, he shared a photo with Lena Fujii back in 2013 saying, “Finally had a chance to tell her and she said yes. Please give us your regards.” Of course, that was shared on April Fool’s Day and he later admitted that it was a joke. Fast forward to 2018 and they’re really together. Congrats to the happy couple!

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