Huang Zitao writes that he feels suffocated and wants to drop everything

Huang Zitao attended a product launch in Chengdu and was greeted by many of his fans loudly cheering his name. There were opportunities for fun interactions as well wherein the singer-actor happily took a selfie and even elicited a laugh from the crowd when he wanted to retake the picture because it looked bad.

Yet beneath the smiles is a man breaking down from stress as hours later, he writes a long weibo post to pour out his frustrations. Tao has been quite busy these days with filming, events and the release of his new single Beggar, and he admits that he’s so tired that he feels he can’t breathe. 
English Translation as follows:
So tired and so frustrated that I can’t breathe. The crew still has to return for filming and I’m scared to take leave, don’t want to have everyone waiting for me. Still have to practice dance, scared that the next dance won’t turn out well. Everyday is spent doing the things and the work that needs to be done. The truth is if I’m being honest, I don’t want to do anything anymore at this moment. Can’t make it back to the annual company event, haven’t gone home, haven’t celebrated any holiday, I don’t even know what day it is anymore. The pressure is really getting to me. In this moment, I can’t breathe anymore. I’ve never shared such negativity to you all, I really want to disappear for some time, thinking about nothing and doing nothing. It has been six years, this is the first time I’m saying such things. I know there are definitely people who will say that you are a celebrity and this is what you must bear. I know, so I endured too much until I posted this weibo today. Don’t even know why, I just wanted to post so I did. Don’t want to do anything anymore, the pressure from being unable to breathe is too painful. During this time, from my perspective, I really feel that my life is no different from living in hell. I am not as happy as you think I am. Don’t say I’m a hypocrite, actually really tried to be strong, but during these times, I am really, really so tired emotionally and physically, and it has caused me much stress. Sorry for worrying you and even more sorry to myself.
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