China clamps down on hip hop culture

The Rap of China Kris Wu Hip Hop
Last summer, The Rap of China led by Kris WuWilbur PanChang Chen-yue and MC Hotdog was rapping its way into mainstream fame. The show’s winners GAI and PGone also rose in popularity though PGone’s career and reputation would have come to a halt because of recent scandals that include his tryst with Li Xiao Lu. Yet, come January and it looks like the hip hop culture as a whole may be affected as media outlets report that Chinese government agency SAPPRFT is clamping down on the genre. The immediate effect includes Chinese rapper GAI being removed from the currently-airing reality-show The Singer and even clips of his performance on Hunan TV’s youtube channel have been edited out.  

The Singer Gai removed from show
The Singer Gai removed from show
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