Why Shawn Dou would be great as Li Shang in live-action “Mulan”

Petition Shawn Dou as Li Shang
So this started when Sunny commented ‘Please cast Shawn Dou for Shang’ in our previous post on Mulan, the idea stuck and here we are creating what’s turning out to be a petition because the more we think about it, the more we believe that Shawn Dou is the perfect choice. The 28-year-old actor who’s one year younger than Crystal Liu Yifei aka Mulan is not nearly as famous as her but his star has been rising fast with consecutive hits like Princess Agents and Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy in the latter half of this year.  

Petition Shawn Dou as Li Shang
He’s played a warrior many times before and seriously, there’s a striking resemblance between him and Li Shang.
Why Shawn Dou should be Li Shang
He’s quite comfortable in the great outdoors as he recently trekked the Aiguille du Midi within the French Alps. The epic snow mountain fight scene between Mulan, Li Shang and the Huns would be a piece of cake for him.
Why Shawn Dou should be Li Shang in Mulan
Why Shawn Dou should be Li Shang in Mulan
He’s got the body! Mind you, the picture was uploaded by Shawn Dou on social media two years ago, and his most recent weibo update shows him hitting the gym yet again, having gained considerably more mass since then. 
Why Shawn Dou should be Li Shang in Mulan
Why Shawn Dou should be Li Shang in Mulan
He’s no stranger to action sequences and looks genuinely badass with a sword. 
Mulan Crystal Liu
If Liu YIfei was perfect for all the right reasons plus the fact that she already speaks English, Shawn Dou migrated to Canada when he was just ten years old and holds Canadian citizenship so he’ll be fine in the language department as well. Besides, they would look adorable together. 
Mushu Mulan
As for Mushu, the little lizard Dragon who’s come to Mulan’s rescue, can we beg Disney to keep him in the movie?  
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