Panda Impressions #20: Where The Lost Ones Go & A Seven Faced Man

It’s such a busy month with so many dramas to keep up with. Is it safe to say that there is no longer a drama drought when it comes to c-dramas? 

Where The Lost Ones Go

First Impressions Where The Lost Ones Go

Where the Lost Ones Go can probably count as the indie equivalent to A Love So Beautiful and it’s perfect for someone like me who thought that I’d already outgrown school dramas. The opening scene sets a melancholic tone as the female protagonist attends a wedding and reflects on life. She thinks back to a nostalgic time in the year 2007 when she was a young college student who meets a boy. The entire episode is really about their first meeting that maybe shouldn’t have happened since the episode is titled, “If I hadn’t met you.” 

I enjoyed the acting, the music, the artsy vibes and the irresistible clichés which worked for the drama and given where the story’s headed, a box of tissues might be in order. The hair doesn’t do the main guy any justice but it seems to be part of the charm. Despite not being that kind of drama, it manages to end with a cliffhanger too, and I’m looking forward to more. 

A Seven Faced Man

Kill Me Heal Me is supposed to be really really good, but it was just one of those shows that I started but never managed to finish watching, which is also why I was all the more excited to finally give it a second watch through the Chinese remake. From the looks of it, it’s a literal remake with similar scenes from the k-drama shot with different actors in a different country speaking a different language. I don’t think you can really go too wrong with that. To top it off, I’m liking Zhang Yi Shan so far and I might even like Elvira Cai’s female lead here more than the original. 

A Seven Faced Man First Impressions
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