Panda Impressions #18: I Cannot Hug You & My Amazing Boyfriend

Happy Friday! Here’re two dramas in the fantasy romance genre that seem similar at first but give off a very different feel. Which one do you like better? 

I Cannot Hug You

First Impressions I Cannot Hug You

I’m not sure if the production team ever paid the rights for this, but Zhang Yu Xi and Xing Zhaolin literally look like they could have stepped out of the pages of a manhua which is perfect since the drama is supposed to be based on a webtoon. I like the look, the cast and found the premise interesting but didn’t really get drawn to it as much as I thought I would. It could be because the first episode was mostly to set things up. Now that the main leads have discovered that they are neighbors, things should start to heat up?

My Amazing Boyfriend

First Impressions My Amazing Boyfriend
It starts with a suicide attempt that doesn’t happen because our heroine chickens out for the umpteenth time, then gets into a fatal car accident given her streak of bad luck, then gets saved by a vampiric mutant while she’s on the brink of death. If I needed a hook to really get into this, this is it and the rest of the episode is a delightful mix of overdone cuteness and comedy complete with some mystery to keep things intriguing. I can see why this little web drama grew a strong following. Janice Wu and Kim Tae Hwan are adorable.
First Impressions My Amazing Boyfriend
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