Long-awaited reunion between Zhang Yixing and EXO

Yes, it’s so great to see them back together even if it’s just half of them! I might need some help with the dates but the last time we may have seen Lay Zhang Yixing together with EXO was as far back as their EXO’rDIUM concert, which Lay didn’t even get to finish due to other commitments. EXO’s comeback came and went without him for similar official reasons though the elephant in the room is undoubtedly due to tension between China and Korea. Nevertheless, if it’s politics that kept the group apart, it’s politics that have brought them together again as the two countries renew ties. 

As members of the sub-unit EXO-CBXXiumin, Chen and Baekhyun accompanied South Korean President Moon Jae In in attending the Korea-China Economic and Trade Partnership Summit in Beijing. Notable attendees also included Song Hye Kyo. Lay quite naturally acted as the host to his foreign guests and shared a picture of their reunion on weibo. He says, “This is Old Beijing’s bingtanghulu ha ha ha. Long time no see.” 
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