Kris Wu and Zhao Li Ying’s new single invite fan wars

Zhao Li Ying Kris Wu drop single Miss You on Christmas Day
Kris Wu has dropped his last song for the year with Miss You, a single that he wrote, produced and sang in collaboration with Zhao Li Ying. Zhao Li Ying posted on weibo, “If you like something then try it! I am one small step closer to my dream of becoming a singer. This winter, gift you with this song. This winter, I want to say, Miss You.” 
Their collaboration seems like it’s quite a natural progression as both already work together in the Chinese variety show 72 Floors of Mystery and were said to be in talks about a song since then. The song was released on Christmas Day along with a music video to come later. Moreover, the two are rumored to take the stage together as part of Jiangsu TV’s New Year’s Day Lineup. While there are many who support their pairing, what should have been a happy occasion has also been receiving some backlash from fans who accuse the respective stars for using their idol to raise their own popularity. Meanwhile, there are people like me who just want to listen to the song, it seems to be available only in China. 

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