First Impressions of “Two Cops”

Yes! Yes! And yes! This is one detective drama you won’t want to miss! With incredible action, humour, and fantasy, Two Cops is a well-rounded show that’s worth the watch.

I know this post is late but what can I say? I’ve been putting it off because I’ve tried to watch this show as soon as an episode gets released…yeah. I’ve got it bad for the bromance!

About crime fighting Detective Cha Dong Tuk (Jo Jung Suk) who’s straight laced and Gong Su Chang (Kim Seon Ho) a Swindler who’ll have to cohabit the same body after an accident which causes Gong Su Chang’s soul to leave his unconscious body. 

For a devoted Detective to have to share his body with a sly con artist it’s bound to cause mayhem, especially in regards to how investigations are conducted. Their opposites-attract-bromantic relationship is one that’s based on a shared past, and while the two bicker and argue their way to the truth, they’ll become friends with a feisty news Reporter, Song Ji An (Hyeri) with some hilarious and sweet romance tied into the mix. 

This is probably my favourite drama that’s currently airing since it’s so well-rounded and executed with a sense of precision that I’m never complaining about the pace or the overall plot. It uses the new drama format to its advantage, so every week there’s 4 episodes that leave you wanting more.

Both male leads are exceptional actors but I’m floored with Jo Jung Suk’s performance because when Gong Su Chang ‘possesses’ his body, it truly seems as if another character has taken over. He clearly studied Kim Seon Ho’s mannerisms, down to the very last detail so when there’s a change in character, I’m amazed every time. Someone better give the man an award after this is over!


Kim Seon Ho on the other hand, is a talent when it comes to comedy. How has the man only been in two other dramas? His skills are on par with seasoned actors and I don’t feel like I’m watching a rookie whatsoever. He brings his character to life with his quirks that are so natural that I’ll never be able to separate him from Gong Su Chang now.

And of course, the most controversial of all is Hyeri. Her performance here isn’t fantastic but since she’s paired with an actor who could essentially romance a rock and make me believe it (and since she isn’t a rock) the chemistry is believable and has sparks to it. I’m not mad about her character or aggravated by her acting, but the Director seems to be aware of her capacity as an actress because when I think a scene is about to become too emotional or tense for her to handle, it easily flows and gets handed down to our two leading men. 


The one thing I will complain about is the past that connects all our characters since it’s a trope that’s already been done in K-dramaland. I can buy two people growing up in the same orphanage but three? Especially since they’re practically strangers in the beginning. The realism in this aspect of the plot might be farfetched but everything else about the drama makes me extremely happy. 

I even like how the idea of Su Chang only having 49 days to solve a case with Detective Cha, which will unravel their past and solve a crime that’s been left to rot in the dust ties the two main genres of fantasy and crime together. We can all probably start betting on grand scale corruption that goes all the way to the top right? I know my money’s on that!

Badass action in a non-OCN drama is hard to find, and with a great balance of other genres and subplots, Two Cops will satisfy anyone. So here’s to more high ratings and a wonderful story that’ll mark the end of 2017 on a good note ?

Release Date: November 27, 2017

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