Fan Bing Bing and Huang Xuan confirm for new Cao Bao Ping movie

She Kills Huang Xuan Fan Bing Bing
Director Cao Bao Ping has a follow-up movie for the critically-acclaimed The Dead End which rose to fame in 2015 and it has just confirmed Fan Bing Bing and Huang Xuan as the leads. A picture of the script was shared on weibo to reveal the working title which translates to She Kills 她杀 and it seems in keeping with the prevailing theme that initially started out as a gripping crime drama. 
I feel like this pair will have a lot to offer as Fan Bing Bing is often tantamount to box office success and Huang Xuan is showcasing his acting talents everywhere these days with the currently-airing Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy and soon-to-premiere movies like Youth and Legend of Cat Demon. She will be playing a woman with many secrets while he will be her undoing as a man who is only after the truth. 

She Kills Fan Bing Bing Huang Xuan
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