“Empress of the Ming” adds Zhang Yixing, Qiao Zhenyu and Yu Haoming

I’m so behind on reporting this but if you haven’t already heard, film actress Tang Wei who is best known for her role in Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution has signed on and started filming for the historical drama Empress of the Ming. Her attachment to the project is significant in and of itself, and what’s even more noteworthy is that she returns to dramas after a decade. A top actress like her naturally commands attention and it looks like her supporting cast will be of a different caliber as well. 
Lay Zhang Yixing, Qiao Zhenyu and Yu Haoming join the cast and each of them bring something unique to the table. Zhang Yixing plays Zhu Qizhen aka Emperor Yingzong of Ming, Qiao Zhenyu plays a hapless romantic and Yu Haoming who recently became everyone’s most-hated villain due to Nothing Gold Can Stay plays a Prince vying for the throne. In relation to Tang Wei’s Empress Sun, Zhang Yixing plays her son, so he probably won’t appear until later when all the palace politics have reached a temporary respite. 

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