Barbie Hsu’s sister Dee Hsu joins “Meteor Garden 2018”

Barbie Hsu’s sister Dee Hsu joins “Meteor Garden 2018”
Meteor Garden 2018 Dee Hsu Dylan Wang
Dee Hsu announced on weibo, “I can finally reveal that I’m in Meteor Garden! Just as a side character but at least I’m playing the sister. Those who guessed that I’m playing the mother, I am against you.”  Along with the news comes the instant familial connection to the original Meteor Garden as Dee Hsu is Barbie Hsu’s younger sister. The 39-year-old star who is best known for hosting the long-running Taiwanese variety show Kangsi Coming is known for being quick-witted, sassy and a tad intimidating which makes her casting as Dao Ming Si’s older sister Dao Ming Zhuang quite a fitting choice. 
Today was her first day of filming and she shared some photos of herself with Dylan Wang ‘Dao Ming Si’  and the rest of F4. There’s also one of her and Producer Angie Chai. Dylan Wang shared her post on social media and said, “Jie Jie (older sister) is too awesome, can’t lose face.” Darren Chen who plays Hua Ze Lei said that his character wants a beautiful sister too.

Meteor Garden 2018 Dee Hsu F4 Angie Chai

Dee Hsu to play Dao Ming Si

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