Upcoming Dramas and Movies Dec 2017

A story that follows Hua Man Tian as he loses his memory and conquers all hardships to find Qian Xun. Starring Peter Ho, Viann Zhang and Zhu Yi Long. 
Jugglers (Dec 4 KBS)
A hardworking secretary who is unfairly removed from her job gets assigned to a prickly boss who is anti-social and sees no need for a secretary. Starring Baek Jin Hee and Daniel Choi. 

Wong Fei Hung Ryan Zheng
Wong Fei Hung (Dec 5 Tencent)
A story that follows a young Wong Fei Hung in his journey to becoming a hero. Starring Ryan Zheng and Bea Hayden.
Black Knight (Dec 6 KBS) 
A story between a girl who’s always down in the dumps and the mysterious black knight in her life. Starring Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung.
The sequel to Advisors Alliance follows Sima Yi’s rise to power during the later part of the Three Kingdoms Era as well as his battle of wits and will against prominent strategist Zhuge Liang. Starring Wu Xiu Bo, Liu Tao, Li Chen and Tina Tang. 
Just Between Lovers (Dec 11 JTBC) 
A love story that sparks between two people with troubled pasts still coping with emotional trauma in their own way. Starring Junho and Won Jin Ah. 
Seven of Me Kill Me Heal Me
A Seven-Faced Man (Dec 13 DramaFever)
A wealthy heir of an influential family who suffers from a childhood trauma that causes him to have split personalities as seven different people. Starring Zhang Yi Shan and Elvira Cai Wen Jing. 
Red Rose (Dec 16 Jiangsu TV, Tencent)
A story between a young miss and her maid who come to opposing sides of the war as spies in the Republican era. Starring Yang Zi Shan, Chen Xiao and Nikita Mao. 
NIF 2 Huang Xiaoming Tong Liya
Nirvana in Fire 2 (Dec 18 Dragon TV, Beijing TV, iQiYi)
The story of Langya Hall continues onto the next generation but told from the perspective of the Xiao Clan, a family of great warriors loyal to the King, yet they find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy. Starring Huang Xiaoming, Tong Liya and Liu Haoran. 
A time travel romance between a woman from the future who meets a monk at multiple points of his life. Starring Rong Zhou and Niu Zi Feng.
Hwayugi Oh Yeon Seo Lee Seung Gi
Hwayugi (Dec 23 tvN)
An unconventional adaptation of Journey to the West takes the classic characters into a modern-day setting as the Monkey King gets entangled into a romantic relationship with Samjang. Starring Lee Seung Gi and Oh Yeon Seo. 

Youth (Dec 15) –> Movie
It relives a story of idealistic youth, passion and romance as it follows a military art troupe in the 1970’s. Starring Huang Xuan and Vivi Miao Miao. 

Legend of the Demon Cat
Legend of the Cat Demon (Dec 22) –> Movie
A story adapted from a Japanese fantasy novel about a monk and a poet uncovering the mysteries behind chilling deaths during the Tang Dynasty. Starring Huang Xuan and Sometani Shota.

Genghis Khan (Dec 22) –> Movie

It is inspired by the legendary tale of Genghis Khan and follows the young warrior in an epic battle between light and dark. Starring William Chan, Hu Jun and Jelly Lin.
 Hanson and the Beast (Movie) Stills
Hanson and the Beast (Dec 29) –> Movie

An ordinary human falls in love with a fox demon and gets caught up in the outrageous hijinks of her world. Starring Feng Shao Feng and Crystal Liu.

A heart-warming story of how three orphaned youths provide advice to strangers from another decade through written letters. Starring Karry Wang Jun Kai, Dilraba Dilmurat and Dong Zi Jian,.

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