Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy & I Cannot Hug You Day 1 Ratings

Tribes and Emipres: Storm of Prophecy and I Cannot Hug You are two very different dramas that are on our radar. One is a fantasy epic while the other is a modern-day romance between vampire and man. Both happen to be web dramas which usually mean that it was produced at a smaller scale though Tribes and Empires is anything but as it was initially meant to air on broadcast network Hunan TV which fell through for whatever reason. On the bright side, web dramas means less restrictions and it looks like we will be able to see the show in its entirety rather than the usual cut up and hastily edited TV version.

Tribes and Empires Storm of Prophecy Ratings
Nonetheless, the verdict is out and the show has managed to surpass over 100 million views within four hours of its premiere. The first two episodes focused mainly on the happenings in the North as it revolved around the younger version of Shuo Feng He Ye, played by 17-year-old actor Kevin Zheng Wei
I tend to want to fast forward through the childhood stories and also figured that the tribal wars would be my least favorite storyline to follow, but this one instantly sweeps you into the story of the previous generation portrayed gallantly by Jiang Yi and Li Nian. There’s no Huang Xuan and Shawn Dou yet, but I’m already hooked!
I Cannot Hug You Touch Me Ratings
Meanwhile, I Cannot Hug You which aired a day earlier on November 20 has just shared some happy news as it has racked up 10 million views after its first day of premiere. It would be like comparing apples to oranges to compare the numbers across the two and even though 10 million is much less, it’s an achievement worth celebrating for the two rising stars Zhang Yuxi and Xing Zhaolin
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