Panda Impressions #16: Tong Tian Detective Dee, Beauties of the King & A Chinese Odyssey

We’ve got a few entries this week courtesy of Judy who has sent in her first impressions for three shows – two of which recently completed their run and one webdrama that just went on the air. There seems to be a giant hole waiting to be filled when the next hit drama to come along, and the wait continues. 

Tong Tian Detective Dee

Panda Impressions Tong Tian Detective Dee

Detective Dee is a great main actor and the supporting cast is not bad, but the characters do not draw you in. In fact, you don’t really care for the characters or the developing storyline. I was hoping that I would feel differently further into the storyline, but nope. The only thing interesting was when Dee figures out how the crime was committed and puts it all together. Watch only if you really like the slow slow process of crime/mystery solving or lots of cleavage shots, otherwise pass. – Contributed by Judy.

Beauties of the King

Beauties of the King Li Fei Er
Feng Er stumbles on to a group of girls and ends up going with them to a secret sect. She begins to form friendships with the girls while trying to find her childhood friend. The drama begins sorta slow and uninteresting but give it a few to let Feng Er’s personally and antics charm you in. While the emperor starts off spineless and timid, there is hope! We really like who the emperor is when he sneaks out of the palace. There are hints, (we are hoping) he will become a better man as the drama proceeds. – Contributed by Judy. 

A Chinese Odyssey: Love of Eternity

First Impressions A Chinese Odyssey Love of Eternity Huang Zitao
Monkey King and Zi Xia have great chemistry, their scenes are what you look forward to. It’s not serious, at times ridiculous, some of the scenes feel like they are just filler, but the monk is like a priestly version of Vince Vaughn in Swingers! Sadly, the story telling is chaotic with lots of continuous time shifting, leaving the viewers dazed and confused. – Contributed by Judy. 
First Impressions A Chinese Odyssey Love of Eternity Andrew Yin Zheng

Volunteers Wanted: Just a shout out that we are on the lookout for volunteers to keep this section alive. Panda Impressions was initially meant to be a place to share first impressions or talk dramas, but there are too many undiscovered dramas that need some love. 

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