Huang Xiaoming slams paparazzi over pictures of his son

Huang Xiaoming
Ever since Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy welcomed their first child last January, the high-profile couple have chosen to keep a low-profile when it comes their son. Aside from a brief appearance in the variety show Keep Running where only a side profile of the baby was shown, the couple have been quite protective and have been careful to keep their son away from prying eyes. 

Huang Xiaoming rants about paparazzi
However, HK paparazzi (aka newshounds) recently managed to snap a front view picture of their son which is now going around in the tabloids. Angered over the incident, the usually mild-mannered Huang Xiaoming took to weibo to rant as he called out the media out for having no conscience and no moral boundaries. 
Huang Xiaoming rants about paparazzi
He later deleted the post but went on to write another one a few hours later saying, “I was too impulsive this noon and spoke too harshly. After taking the time to calm down, I feel like some things still need to be said, so I’m saying it again. I know, as a public figure, to ask for privacy is a bit too much to hope for, but I still hope to give our child a normal upbringing and some space where he is not too overly exposed. He is not a public figure, not even one year old, maybe he will want to stand in front of everyone in the future but not now. Towards the inconsiderate and unlawful actions by Next Magazine, as a father, I cannot tolerate it. In the future, the media or bystanders may still want to snap photos, but I plead and hope for consideration or wait a few seconds so we can cover his face. This is my request as a father, thank you everyone.”
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