How Lin Gengxin Whose Nickname Is “Lin Gou” Spent His Thanksgiving?

Lin Gengxin thaksgiving
So I’m not so sure if they celebrate Thanksgiving Day in China, but Lin Gengxin posted a photo on weibo captioned, “One person’s dinner, simple.” Of course, he’s actually in a formal suit and tie enjoying a fancy candlelit dinner over wine, yet one look across the table at his date, and I died laughing. No wonder Lin Gengxin also has the nickname “Lin Gou,” which is basically “Lin Dog” in English, since he is after all, an unabashed dog lover.
Lin Gengxin thanksgiving with dog

Lin Gengxin Has These Nicknames for These Reasons

While being a dog lover is an obvious reason for Lin Gengxin’s nickname Lin Dog, there’s actually another reason behind it. During the filming of the 2014 film My Old Classmate where he stars opposite Zhou Dongyu, Lin Gengxin, deeply immersed in the story reminisced about his college life. He took to social media to share that during his university days, his dorm mates referred to each other as “dogs.” Hence, many people affectionately began calling the actor “Lin Gou.” And it’s not his only nickname. Lin Gengxin is also called “900 million girls’ dream” (九亿少女的梦). Why is it so? Apparently, Chen He shared the story that the actor who’s his gaming buddy didn’t hold back when he chose the gaming ID that claims himself to be the dream of nine hundred million girls.


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