Help! What could these dramas be?

We get these types of questions once in a while, but these ones have us completely stumped. Any kind soul who knows, please comment below… thank you:)
Question from readers: 
Hi, can you please help me looking for a drama? Basically, all the characters has this kind of chakra inside them in the shape of a pearl with different colors … there’s green, purple, black, etc. Each time they win a fight with someone else, they get to take the other’s person chakra/pearl … someone please help me. – Frosty Heaven
Hi! I’m looking for a Chinese drama; I forgot the title, but in one of the scenes, the man loses his eyesight, and has to get electrocuted. His wife or girlfriend is pregnant and has a baby, and on his way to getting electrocuted, he hears the baby outside the car. I think it has the song Tong Hua in it too. Please help! – Anonymous
Hi. Can you please help me a chinese drama about goddess of flower who gets punished and has to life as human. – Chatiyah Tri Lestari



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