Chen Xiao’s Q and A with Elle China

Chen Xiao
After going bald for Nothing Gold Can StayChen Xiao has been going full on rugged in recent months with his growing facial hair and scruffy do. He’ll be appearing in Elle China’s December Issue and aside from the visual treat of staring into his smouldering eyes, there’s an accompanying Q&A about the most random things (video translated below). 

Chen Xiao
Q: T-Shirt or Formal Shirt?
A: T-Shirt.
Q: To be called fat or old?
A: To be called fat. 
Q: Face or body?
A: Both are very important.
Chen Xiao
Q: Comedy or art film?
A: Both of these, I quite like.
Q: Travel to the past or to the future?
A: To the past.
Q: Moustache or no moustache? 
A: If it’s entirely up to me, i won’t let it grow so long. There will be a little stubble because I’d be too lazy to shave but if it gets too long, i’ll shave it. 
Chen Xiao
Q: If you were Zhou Ying (from Nothing Gold Can Stay), will you choose Shen Xing Yi or Wu Pin?
A: Wu Pin (chuckles).
Q: Which character is the closest to your actual personality – Gao Zhan, Shen Xing Yi and Yang Guo?
A: People have many facets, these characters all have facets that are similar to me, but to say whether any one in particular is the same as me, these three are not. 
Chen Xiao
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