Zhao Li Ying’s Birthday Celebration

Zhao Li Ying turns 30
Zhao Li Ying has been on a roll in recent years with hit dramas like Princess Agents and the movie Duckweed. It’s crazy to think that she’s amassed such a long resume in her twenties, as she only turned 30 today, October 16. She recently reported for work on the set of The Story of Ming Lan, where the cast and crew got her a cake in celebration of the occasion. She later posted pictures on social media to share how she spent her birthday as she says “surrounded by happiness today, surrounded by gifts, surrounded by you today, thank you for giving me this big cup of fortune. With the stars above and you beside me, we are each other’s motivation.” Happy Birthday Zhao Li Ying!  

Zhao Li Ying turns 30
Zhao Li Ying turns 30
Zhao Li Ying turns 30
Zhao Li Ying turns 30
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