Vin Zhang turns into a hotelier for his upcoming drama “Love Happening”

Love Happening Vin Zhang
Okay, maybe the hotelier is not Vin Zhang but his leading lady Zheng He Hui Zi who plays an heiress that has returned to the country to manage the hotel. It actually isn’t clear what role Vin Zhang plays aside from the fact that he is in uniform, one that goes from checking that the towels are arranged neatly to taking the stage at the podium to give a talk. Maybe he’s a manager then? 
Regardless, it’s good to see the actor back in modern day as his characters in ancient times have just been tragic. Running a luxury hotel surely comes with its own set of challenges, but it should offer a nice reprieve from sword fights and deaths. Please let there be funny hijinks too, it would be great to see some tension between the heiress and the employee before they learn to work together and eventually fall in love. Filming began last September in Yunnan. 

Love Happening Zheng He Hui Zi
Love Happening Vin Zhang
Love Happening Vin Zhang
Love Happening Vin Zhang Zheng He Hui Zi
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