The Dark Lord (2018)

The Dark Lord Xu Hai Qiao
The Dark Lord 夜天子 is a 40-episode Chinese webdrama that follows the legendary tale of a prison guard rising up the ranks in the political landscape of the Ming Dynasty. It is adapted from a novel by Yue Guan 月关 who also writes the screenplay.

The Dark Lord
Joe Xu Hai Qiao (Lost Love in Times) takes the lead as Ye Xiao Tian, a prison guard in the ministry of justice. He agrees to deliver a will to a person’s hometown, but ends up becoming the target of a dangerous fight over inheritance. He manages to escape with his life, but gets dragged into impersonating an official under the behest of a cowardly magistrate who uses him for his own gain. Nevertheless, the opportunity serves to kickstart his career in politics. 
The Dark Lord Lareina Song
I’m liking that the drama has got all the essentials down with an interesting setup and stylish visuals. I know practically nothing about Lareina Song (Boyhood), but she seems to fit the bill as the bright and bubbly heroine, and she’s a child actress too which I usually take to mean that she can act. And that’s not even including the ensemble of veteran actors in supporting roles. The series also stars Wang ZitongGallen Lo (Song of Phoenix), Hong Jiantao (Fei Ge Zhan Dui), Li-Chun Qun and Chen Zihan (Cover the Sky).
Apparently, first impressions can be misleading, caught the trailer and this wuxia series seems a lot more comedic than it appears. Has anyone read the novel? 
Release Date: August 14, 2018 Tencent (two episodes every Tuesday-Thursday at 8pm)
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The Dark Lord Chinese web series
The Dark Lord
The Dark Lord Gallen Lo
The Dark Lord
The Dark Lord
The Dark Lord
The Dark Lord
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