Panda Impressions #15: Line Walker 2 & The Legendary Tycoon

Happy Friday! Crime dramas seem to be all the rage these days. I finally dove in to watch Line Walker 2 but there are quite a few more choices from OCTB to Day & Night. Which one do you recommend? 

Line Walker: The Prelude

Line Walker 2 Panda Impressions

Michael Miu and Benz Hui reprise their roles in another story about cops and gangsters that works within the same setup as its predecessor. You really can’t go wrong with that considering how successful the concept worked the first time, and I can see efforts being made to appeal to the same audience. For the most part, it works because it’s easy to root for the young undercover cops who live in constant danger, and even easier to find kinship with the familiar faces in the cast. Overall, it’s turning out to be enjoyable though I really wish that Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh had returned. After all, they made up the three main characters along with Michael Miu, so it feels somewhat incomplete that only one came back.  

The Legendary Tycoon

Legendary Tycoon Zhang Han Song Yi
Yes, it finally aired though I wonder just how much was changed after the show decided to switch out all of Gu Hye Sun’s scenes. On the bright side, I have liked Song Yi since Disguiser, so it’s a plus to see more of her. The first episode explores the budding friendship between the main protagonist and her character – he is a student with big dreams and she is a poor girl with a cheerful disposition. I think Zhang Han does a good job playing the inspired youth, but I have yet to see anything special to make this truly worth watchingThen again, it’s only the beginning and the brothers (whose story is inspired by the Shaw Brothers) have barely started on the road to making movies. There’s also the impending appearance of Joe Chen to look forward to. 
Legendary Tycoon Zhang Han
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