Panda Impressions #14: Phoenix Warriors & Because This is My First Life

Happy Friday! I finally got down to watching Phoenix Warriors. Given the theme, I had a feeling that it was either gonna be a hit or a miss and oddly enough, I’m still not entirely sure which category it belongs to. A number of new k-dramas have also premiered as of late and here’s one you might want to try. 

Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors

First Impressions Legend of Heavenly Tear Phoenix Warriors

It’s basically about aliens in ancient China depicted in all the seriousness that it can muster. I don’t know that it works especially since the only other alien drama I’ve seen is lET’s Shake It and that’s literally worlds apart in both plot and genre. Aside from the spaceship, Joe Cheng’s blue hair, blue eyes and the occasional supernatural occurrences, the story has mostly remained within the confines of a conventional historical drama. The main protagonist (played by Claudia Wang) has had to witness the slaughter of her entire family in the hands of the man that she loves, only to be rescued and then bullied again once she enters the inner palace. 

It’s tragic and angsty, yes, but quite normal for palace politics. I also found the storytelling to be slow and not riveting enough, and yet I’m up to episode 4 and still watching. 

Because This is My First Life

First Impressions Because This is My First Life
Because This Is My First Life is a Korean drama that recently aired. The main image is both misleading, unappealing and gives the impression that a cat would play a prominent role, but thankfully it does not. The talented cast made my fangirl heart flutter and you can rest assured no cringing moment is around the corner. I am particularly delighted to watch Lee Min Ki (loved him in Shut Up Flower Boy Band), Jung So Min and Esom. About the plot, the premise is interesting, however the relationship and story between the two main characters is eerily similar to the 2016 Japanese drama “We Married as a Job”. This alikeness can be distracting and made me curious if they paid for copyrights. 
The drama’s first three episodes lag and takes it time revealing the interesting plot. All that said, I really enjoy this drama and can’t wait for each episode to be aired. –  Contributed by Andrea Kurzee.
First Impressions Because This is My First Life
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