Panda Impressions #13: The Big Boss & Girls’ Generation 1979

From c-dramas to k-dramas, it’s back to school week. If you missed last week’s review, we’ve got a second entry on The Big Boss, which makes a convincing case for its light and wacky premise (season 2 premieres tonight!). Meanwhile, there’s Girls’ Generation 1979 which is also about students but completely different in tone.  

The Big Boss

The Big Boss Eleanor Lee Huang Jun Jie

The Big Boss is light, funny, dorky and sometimes just crazy. I love the way they make an alternate universe of the mind that blends together with what’s happening in reality. It’s a high school drama that claims to not be a romance story in the beginning of the drama, but since there is a second season, I can’t wait to find out if the claim is true or not. That aside, it really is a drama about friendship and enjoying school life. Recommended if you’re searching for a light yet funny drama that can’t be taken too seriously 😉 – Contributed by GoldenAngelFeather. 

Girls’ Generation 1979

Girls’ Generation 1979 is an eight episode Korean drama that takes place in Daegu in 1979. This particular drama actually really surprised me, with the first episodes being a bit slow. The story revolves around two lovely teenage girls, as we see their lives and challenges in the people’s lives around them. A real depth emerges from this story, dealing with prejudice, friendship, family, personal struggles, and love. Another bonus in Girl’s Generation is that the drama is quite educational, as you see large political issues greatly affect citizens, such as the nightly curfew. For myself, the real icing on the cake for this drama is the wonderful and yet undramatic conclusion. Afterwards you can walk away, feeling touched and at ease. A great drama if you find yourself in a reflective mood. – Contributed by Andrea Kurzee. 
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