Panda Impressions #12: Nothing Gold Can Stay and The Big Boss

This week’s dramas are all courtesy of Judy who’s been graciously sharing her interesting finds here. You may have heard about Nothing Gold Can Stay by now, it’s currently the hottest c-drama that’s not only soaring in ratings but also getting raving reviews. I may be one of the few who didn’t really get into it, but maybe second time’s a charm?  

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Panda First Impressions Nothing Gold Can Stay

The intro to Nothing Gold Can Stay gives the viewer a glimpse of how different all the main characters lives are. Zhou Ying played by Betty Sun Li is a street performer – resourceful, full of street smarts and most of all takes every opportunity she can to make a buck. She is sold to the wealthy Shen family and then sneaks out in merchant Wu’s palanquin because she was mistreated by Shen Xingyi. The Wu’s take Zhou Ying in and one thing leads to another and she ends up marrying Wu Ping! I was rather indifferent about this drama, but it warms up to you and slowly pulls you in. Unexpectedly you begin to look forward to how the story will develop and how our heroine will blossom. – Contributed by Judy. 

The Big Boss

Panda First Impressions The Big Boss
The Big Boss begins with Ye Mu Qi entering a prestige high school and finally ditching her childhood arch nemesis Liao Dan Yi, or so she thinks! She becomes class president while he’s selected for commissioner hence, they must work together now! He tells her that being class prez is not that easy but she tells him, he’s full of himself and that she’s got it. This leads to fun-filled and problematic circumstances for our class prez and Liao Dan Yi. There’s a lot fun teenage antics, cute and comical moments, with great flushed out storylines for the other students and teachers. – Contributed by Judy. 
Panda First Impressions The Big Boss
Volunteers Wanted: Just a shout out that we are on the lookout for volunteers to keep this section alive. Panda Impressions was initially meant to be a place to share first impressions or talk dramas, but there are too many undiscovered dramas that need some love. 

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