Li Yi Feng starts filming for a new drama opposite Jiang Shuying

New York Li Yi Feng Jiang Shuying
We know two things for sure about the upcoming drama In New York 在纽约. One is that the cast and crew will eventually head to New York as hinted through a picture of a NYC cab against a skyline backdrop. Second is that Li Yi Feng returns to dramas after filming the movie Animal WorldI’m glad that he’s back in dramaland, but also disappointed that what little glimmer of hope that I have for a Legend of Chusen 3 reunion is slowly disappearing. 
H&R Century produces the drama in collaboration with Mango TV and many other production companies to make a large scale idol drama. Filming began last week through a very low-key opening ceremony attended by Li Yi Feng (see pictures). Jiang Shuying who has been paired with actors like Wallace Chung, Aaron Yan and Jin Dong plays his leading lady. She’s just a year older than Li Yi Feng, but she has that level of sophistication that makes her seem much more mature compared to him, who retains his boyish charms despite being thirty. What do you think of this pair?

New York c-drama
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