First stills of “Under the Power” starring Ren Jialun and Tan Songyun

Jinyi Tianxia Ren Jialun Tan Songyun
Ever since The Glory of Tang Dynasty, Ren Jialun seems to have become the new darling boy for H&R Century Pictures which is also home to Li Yi Feng and Qin Jun Jie. Ren Jialun has been racking up leading roles from The Destiny of White Snake to Autumn Cicadas, both of which have yet to air, and he doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing as he’s onto the next project with Under the Power 錦衣之下, an upcoming wuxia series about the imperial secret police during the Ming Dynasty. 

Jinyi Tianxia Ren Jialun
He’ll be assisted by a constable from Liu Shan Men played by Tan Songyun as they crack cases as a team. I’m so used to seeing Tan Songyun in a modern-day setting and don’t really think ancient times when I see her in costume, but I do feel like she has enough spunk to carry the badassery of a martial arts heroine. 
Jinyi Tianxia Tan Songyun
Filming began last week, so we may have to wait a while before this airs. In the meantime, there’s also another drama themed around Liu Shan Men starring Xu Hai Qiao and Lareina Song. The rest of the cast includes Han Dong (Lost Love in Times), Julia Ye Qing (Starry Night Starry Sea 2), Yao Yi Chen, Lu Hong, Han Cheng Yu (Legend of Dragon Pearl) and Yu Xue
Jinyi Tianxia Ren Jialun Tan Songyun
Han Dong Jinyi Tianxia
 Jinyi Tianxia
 Jinyi Tianxia
 Jinyi Tianxia
Han Chengyu Jinyi Tianxia
Yu Xue Jinyi Tianxia
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